Mikrotik 951G-2HnD Restore Configuration Script

image from mikrotik.com I Recently changed my router from TP Link's Archer C2 and now Mikrotik's 951G-2HnD after running weeks of unpatched system.  TP Link or most of the consumer WiFi routers are left vulnerable from KRACK and yet people are constantly accessing their bank accounts or confidential work materials or servers.  A sample successful attack can … Continue reading Mikrotik 951G-2HnD Restore Configuration Script


Automate MySQL Backup & Send To Email As Attachment On FreeBSD 11

Wow!!! I googled and modified a cron script for almost an hour or two just to get this working. I can't believe that it's quite hard to find a bash script to do this three basic  functionalities. Sharing a very simple script to dump a database, archive it and send it to an email. https://gist.github.com/allaniftrue/0ad52f931f317872b6a070425ea061bdContinue reading Automate MySQL Backup & Send To Email As Attachment On FreeBSD 11

Mail Forwarding With Sendmail on FreeBSD

This is a guideline on how to enable sendmail as a mail forwarding service with Freebsd on a Digitalocean droplet or any other VPS. Sendmail Configurations /etc/mail/access Under this directory we need to copy or create access that "defines which hosts or IP addresses have access to the local mail server and what kind of access they have". We … Continue reading Mail Forwarding With Sendmail on FreeBSD