ZSH separate config files

A quick guide to separate config files in zsh Create your config file example: ~/.zsh_aliases Add it on your ~/.zshrc file by the following lines: source $HOME/.zsh_alias To apply changes use the command source ~/.zshrc


Blocking Microsoft Traffic In PFSense

If you are using windows 10, Microsoft has a lot of hidden traffic that suddenly downloads on the background and your network starts to crawl especially when you are in a country where the Internet Services are all fucked up like PLDT, Smart or Globe. In PfSense you can block the traffic through PfBlockerNG. You … Continue reading Blocking Microsoft Traffic In PFSense

How To Reset Your SmartBro Pocket WiFi Password

Steps: Press the POWER and WPS button about 10 seconds Connect the wifi to your Smartbro WiFi.  It doesn't have a password after the hard reset. Open your web browser. Type the IP address provided on the product manual (usually it's and then press 'Enter'. Type your password (default password: smartbro). Click Login. Select … Continue reading How To Reset Your SmartBro Pocket WiFi Password

PFSense – ACME Package – LetsEncrypt – Captive Portal – Certificate Auth

Lately I've developing a customized captive portal for a BYOD business.  At start I used an internal certificate authority and installed it on every server on the network just to show that green padlock    .  It wasn't really a big deal if other users of the network will see the certificate error because they'd really … Continue reading PFSense – ACME Package – LetsEncrypt – Captive Portal – Certificate Auth

Mikrotik 951G-2HnD Restore Configuration Script

image from mikrotik.com I Recently changed my router from TP Link's Archer C2 and now Mikrotik's 951G-2HnD after running weeks of unpatched system.  TP Link or most of the consumer WiFi routers are left vulnerable from KRACK and yet people are constantly accessing their bank accounts or confidential work materials or servers.  A sample successful attack can … Continue reading Mikrotik 951G-2HnD Restore Configuration Script