Laravel Observer Not Woking

I just recently refactored a UserObserver code wherein an email is sent to the user when the account is deleted. Original Code: foreach ($members as $key ) { User::where('id',$key)->delete(); } Where members is an array of user IDs. Aside from an N+1 issue, this doesn't trigger the delete observer. Here is the refactored line: User::whereIn('id', … Continue reading Laravel Observer Not Woking

Laravel Lighthouse: @scope Directive

Example of the @scope directive: Backend: Model: Service.php public function scopeStatus($query, $state) { return $query->where('status', $state); } Schema: schema.graphql services(status: Boolean @scope(name: "status")): [Service!]! @all   Front-end: import gql from 'graphql-tag' export const Services = gql` { services (status: false) { id name } } `

Laravel Websocket A Replacement Package For

A few notes on the implementation of laravel-websocket from local to deployment. A reminder to myself that this package will replace pusher and will have my own "pusher" service. Here are the gists: On the ```.env``` file the line ```MIX_PUSHER_APP_PORT=6001``` can be port 443 if you are using this proxy configuration on your server … Continue reading Laravel Websocket A Replacement Package For